Do you struggle to lose weight or to keep it off?

Our bodies store toxins in our fat cells to protect our vital organs. The more overweight you are, the more toxins that are stored in your body. Our livers are our largest detoxification organ. Over time they get weighed down and sluggish from all the toxins coming in. Our liver stops producing the bile and enzymes necessary to break down food and assimilate it. It looses the ability to rid our body of toxins and we begin to put on more and more weight from storing them in fat cells. In order to lose weight safely and effectively we need to heal our liver. We need a healthy live to assimilate the nutrients from our food and get them into our blood stream. If your liver is unhealthy, you may feel hungry a lot or unsatisfied after eating. You may have blood sugar spikes and crashes or thyroid issues, digestive issues, and weight loss resistance. If you are tired of struggling and you feel like you have tried everything else and you are ready let me help you learn to love your liver, heal your body, and finally begin to naturally lose weight and keep it off.

Maybe you can lose some weight temporarily through fad diets. But you're not going to lose the weight you want without detoxing. An accountability coach from Aglow From Head to Toe will help you lose...

  • Bad habits: Your habits, more than anything else, are keeping you in an unhealthy body.
  • Toxic fat: Many toxins accumulate in fat cells, staying in your body for years, if not decades.
  • Pounds: Only when your body is free from toxic buildup can you start to shed pounds permanently.

It's possible to be weighed down with toxins and keep a slim figure. But if you want a healthy body, you need to start with healthy eating habits. Dial 315-940-6278 now to take the first step toward a healthier you.